I’m 23 years old. I live in the greater Los Angeles area. I hate blogs. I love writing.

I believe in poetry, in myself, and in you. I blog at scottpc.net



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Teresa Young

    I found your post on relevance, Scott, and now I can’t find it again to comment on it. But anyway, EXACTLY. I just subscribed to Silent Things and look forward to more.

      1. Teresa Young

        Thanks, Scott, and I read that you’re a new father, too. Keep writing despite all madly busy phases, modeling living your passion. I have three grown wild ones now, a writer and two musicians, and that has all been endlessly rather frenetic AND deeply satisfying. And their energies still fuel my creative process in new ways all the time.

  2. Scott C. Post author

    Yes, parenthood is crazy! So many different emotions on a daily basis. There’s hardly time to think, but when you do stop and take a breath it’s almost overwhelming how amazing all of it really is.


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