moving on: happily

I’ve decided that my creative energies are better spent on different projects. I’ll update with news here from time to time.

Check out Silent Things if you’d like to see what I’ve been working on.


Also check out:
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5 thoughts on “moving on: happily

  1. anton

    Hey dude. I share your sentiment, and good luck wherever you end up. Your stuff is good, and some of it has been very moving to me. If you publish stuff, let us people who read you know somehow.

  2. abraveandsilentthing Post author

    Thanks guys, likewise to both of you. Anton, I always enjoyed your style and will definitely still be checking back for new writing. Same with you, Joe.

    I’m compiling a collection of older stuff into a chapbook as well as writing a new one, and I will post here with any other updates.


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